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833reality keeps on changing

The Reality of Perception

Artist Swati Naphade walks through the doors of perception and reality and tries to discern a truth much neglected in a world where norms and social etiquette govern the lives of an individual, wiping out any trace of the true self. Sushma Sabnis profiles the artist.

8336.Snake & Ladder design by Surekha, that acts as a boundary, confining the play area at Rangoli metro art center, bengaluru. photo-artist

Readymade Answers to Eternal Artistic Quests

H.A. Anil Kumar, in this article discusses the issue of ‘framing’ a work of art. Starting with an ethical-philosophical question, when is a work of art complete he moves on to debate the technical aspects and from there to the constant transformation of ideas into objects.


Frozen Narratives of Colonialism: Public Sculptures of Bengaluru

Bengaluru is one contemporary city in India which is replete with the indelible symbolism of colonialism in the form of public sculptures. Venkatesh K N traces the history of the colonial public sculptures in the city and delineates how these sculptures have become markers of a special time and space.


Weaving wax magic

When you think of wax, all that comes to mind is candles and the molten substance we need to scrape off after it melts. But, when you meet artist Arati Bedekar, she’ll tell you there is more to wax then meets the eye. Allan Moses Rodricks reports.


Survey to record Queen’s colossal art collection

Britain’s Royal Collection is to undergo the most ambitious condition survey ever carried out on a major group of paintings. On the eve of the conservation project, The Art Newspaper can give the precise number of paintings for which the collection is responsible: 7,564 works in oil, reports Martin Bailey


Monet’s water lilies fetches record $54 million

An iconic painting of water lilies by French artist Claude Monet sold for £31.72 million pounds ($54 million) at a Sotheby’s auction in London, the second highest price paid for his work worldwide; a PTI report.


For that lotus in the mud

Even as the garbage crisis looms, here are three city artistes from Bangalore creating high art from scrap, reports Shruti Menon