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833reality keeps on changing

The Reality of Perception

Artist Swati Naphade walks through the doors of perception and reality and tries to discern a truth much neglected in a world where norms and social etiquette govern the lives of an individual, wiping out any trace of the true self. Sushma Sabnis profiles the artist.


Weaving wax magic

When you think of wax, all that comes to mind is candles and the molten substance we need to scrape off after it melts. But, when you meet artist Arati Bedekar, she’ll tell you there is more to wax then meets the eye. Allan Moses Rodricks reports.


Paper, paint and politic

Artist N Ramachandran questions mankind’s contradictory actions, development versus conservation, cities in flux, reports Sujatha Shankar Kumar

833Still Born Em(u)pathy

Healing Literal Pain Through Metaphors

The metaphor of pain has often been a mentoring force in the disrupted lives of people. While most resort to a drug induced fog to wade through adversity, artist Rohini Sen puts her best foot forward with her drawings in her show, ‘The Efficacy of Exquisite Pain’, observes Venkatesh KN


A century of the readymade

Duchamp’s influence is in evidence at the fair, but can today’s artists reimagine his idea?
 reports Charlotte Burns


The ‘same’ Nandalal hangs in NGMA, goes under hammer

Titled Woman Sitting Under a Tree, the 20×33.2 cm work with NGMA is currently on display, while the ‘same’ Nandalal goes under the hammer at the ‘Significant Indian art’ auction to be held in Delhi. Vandana Kalra reports.


Nigerian artists in the spotlight

As new galleries and non-profit spaces open across the country, interest in contemporary art from Africa is growing abroad, reports Anny Shaw from the Art Basel


Palette of peace

Peace is a common motif running in all the works of Ahimsa artist Ignatius Xavier Joseph. All his paintings are accompanied by a poem, reports Neeraja Murthy