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Colorful Strokes against a Debilitating Stroke

A body weakened by ill fate, a paralytic stroke, but a mind that refuses to succumb, and above all, a creativity that gives wings to soar in skies of imagination- Mumbai based artist Avinash Godbole, is an epitome of all these. Fighting against all odds, he pursues his creative career relentlessly for the last few years and the latest solo at the Art Gate Gallery stands evidence to his indomitable spirit. His life is a source of inspiration and a near home example of all those people who have looked into the green eyes of bad luck and colored it differently, says Sushma Sabnis.


Photo Feature: Nirbhaya- Multiple Expressions

On 4th April 2014, IGNCA, Delhi, Creative Mind, a reputed art magazine and NIV Art Centre together mounted an exhibition of 100 artists to commemorate Nirbhaya, the girl who had lost her life in a horrendous rape case in December 2012. . On 6th April 2014, a meeting was held where noted artist Padmashree Anjolie Ela Menon was the chief guest. CAA Editor in Chief, JohnyML and Dr. Purushottam Bilimale spoke on the occasion. CartanArt presents a photo feature on the event.

833-Elephant Thief

Spectacular Pictures of a Hybrid Landscape

When human beings start to communicate with each other through the meanings that they derive out of the relationship between objects and themselves, a society of spectacle is born. Chandrashekar Koteshwar believes in it and his attention is to capture this displaced meaning/communication seen apparent in our globalized society. Nisha Aggarwal profiles the artist.

833 - Red Dots, 2013, Acrylic, graphite, colored pencil, ink, and transfer on Rives


The prolonged effects of a subdued mundane evokes a far deeper response from the artistic human psyche than an impact of any momentary experience, as in the strong silent art works of artist Sarah E Jenkins, observes Shubhalakshmi Shukla


A Window to another World

Artist N. Ramachandran’s works use ‘everyday’ objects to explore the meeting of the familiar and the not-so-familiar, in his show titled, ‘@/Cropped/ No U-Turn at the Apparao Galleries. The show is on till 30th APril 2014, reports Lakshmi Krupa.


Who balanced the rocks?

The balance of the rocks has always fascinated Lata Marur who’s specialised in ‘rock art’. She has created a series of rock sketches around the theme Dashavatara. Addressing the ecological and aesthetic value of rocks, the artist brings her own interpretations to light.


What If Classical Artists Had Contemporary Problems?

Manhattan based painter Kathleen Gilje creates rich, alternative pictorial universes that translate the many styles of yore to a more contemporary mindset. How would Albrecht Dürer have portrayed global warming? How would text messaging or online dating fit into a society portrait?


The Poetics of Space

Seemingly reserved in her speech, artist Shilpa Nikam’s works harbour distinct narratives about nature and the experiences she chooses to reveal through her abstract works. Her solo show at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai captures the viewer’s consciousness and what ensues are long conversations with the multi-layered, polysemous works, reviews Sushma Sabnis.

833-Dwarakanath2 001

Strange Pilgrims

The acceptance of artistsic excellence reaches its pinnacle when the written word is enacted and the enacted is recreated in paintings, each metamorphic expression endowing the original with its own essence as in the paintings by Dwarkanath HK, in the show’ Strange Pilgrims’ at 1 Shantiroad, observes Anilkumar HA


PhotoFeature: Faces of Reclaimed Identities

The solo show of artist Puja Kshatriya titled, ‘Faces of Reclaimed Identities’ held at the Open Palm Court gallery of India Habitat Centre on 25th March 2014, was curated by Ashwini Pai Bahadur of Artspeaks India. The show was attended by well known personalities.